Our Stories Success


Annie had experienced the pain of family breakdown. Annie felt her family members had judged her as a failure compared to the rest of the family. This, coupled with the isolation of lockdown, left Annie feeling very alone and anxious. Annie was open enough to engage with our team member from A New Way and participated in a guided prayer experience. She has been experiencing a wonderful freedom and peace ever since. She has also enjoyed the new friendship with our team member whom she has reached out to a number of times since her initial connection.


Des has experienced a very challenging life since the breakdown of his parents' relationship when he was a young person. The feeling of being abandoned drove Des to engage in drug use and crime. He reached out to A New Way in a time of desperation from a detention facility. He was open to an experience of prayer and has been supported by A New Way team member regularly since. Des is finding the courage to engage with a community who really care about him.


Nene has been living in Australia for 6 years. She has felt the pain of being distant from her family of origin, who live in Lebanon. She recently experienced the breakdown of her marriage, and the loss of employment as a teacher. Nene had reached out to A New Way from a place of isolation and stress. The prayer with our team member left Nene feeling heard and understood. "Finally, I'm not alone. I've found people who care about me, and I've found how to overcome the stress which was overwhelming me".