Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be Religious to participate?

No. A New Way is available to anyone of any belief / unbelief or religious affiliation.

Do I have to become a Christian?

No. During the guided prayer steps you will very likely experience Jesus. He will never force a belief / faith on you, and nor would we.

What’s the cost?

All costs for this service are covered by people who care. In short this is a completely free service.

How many sessions will I have?

It’s recommended that you engage with one of our team members at least once to engage with this strategy. We’ve found many people are keen to continue their journey with our team members once they experience their first encounter of freedom. That ongoing journey could take any shape or length of time you desire. You and our team member will work this out together.

Where does this take place?

Connecting with our team member can occur over the phone, online or in your local Café. You and our team member would work that out together.

Who does the guided prayer?

A New Way team members have been endorsed by leaders of faith communities. They have undertaken A New Way training to prepare them in in how to implement the supported prayer strategy.

What Training has the team member had?

A New Way has developed a specific training package which all team members are required to have completed.

When you mention God, what God are you referring too?

A New Way is a Christian supportive prayer process, the God of the Christian bible is the God you will meet.