About Us

So what is A New Way? Well, it’s really an ancient way.

A New Way is a spiritual process which involves healing and freedom through a journey of discovery and personal awareness, encounter of a spiritual nature, and a choice to reshape the way you think. This takes place through the practice of supported prayer.

Whilst much of our pain is of a psychological nature, our healing comes from a spiritual engagement. Healing is a process, but it is the presence of Jesus that brings healing, not the process. So the focus of A New Way guided prayer is your encounter with Jesus.

You may have tried other pathways and strategies, both professional and alternative, to be free from fear, worry, anxiety, and stress. These may include counsellors, health foods, herbal treatments, medicines and other techniques, we do not stand in judgement of these and make no recommendations that you alter course of whatever assistance or professional direction you may be currently receiving or engaging with.

The New Way guided prayer consultants are not professionally trained or qualified, although they have undergone training to prepare them to assist you.

What we have found is that anyone with an open mind to A New Way guided prayer activity can find comprehensive freedom from their experiences of fear, worry, anxiety and stress.

This prayer strategy is freely available to anyone. The cost of this service is covered by people who care. You will never receive any bill for any of the service A New Way provides.

You are not required to be a person of any faith, nor have any religious affiliations. You are not required to become Christian. All that is required is for you to be open to being supported to participate through a guided prayer journey.

Since ancient times people have been finding freedom from fear, worry, anxiety and stress through prayer. So why not try A New Way today?